Former Sky Sports presenter David Tanner had a meltdown at the suggestion VAR is working against Celtic and he believes the Hoops are now being dealt with properly when it comes to decisions.

The bhoys have conceded seven penalties and their closest rivals in the league have conceded a grand total of ZERO, zilch, nothing. Tanner is disingenuously trying to make a case that Celtic have been lucky before VAR and that the introduction of the technology is working.

David clearly hasn’t watched some of the penalties Celtic have conceded with VAR or he would have stayed quiet. He obviously is also ignoring the penalty shouts the team he supports have gotten away with since the introduction of VAR. We can easily go back to the last derby at Ibrox and watch Connor Goldson play volleyball against Celtic and concede nothing.

Seven fouls = seven penalties? Does, it aye?

Would you like to take a bash at what team conceded the penalty here.

Tanner has a deep seated resentment of Celtic and the support. Back during the lockdown, he hammered Celtic fans for gathering outside Hampden to cheer the team on as they went for an unprecedented quadruple treble. He then fell silent as the Ibrox support partied in the city four months later under the same lockdown restrictions. He suddenly had nothing to say.

Celtic have been subject to bizarre VAR decisions since the off that have gone against them. Tanner will not be able to admit that, because despite these setbacks we’ve always won our games.

Have a nice day, David.



  1. Well well come David come out the closet you every get photo taken when you think it’s going to come back and bite me don’t worry always a job in sportscene with a man of your upbringing a must for the job


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