You can’t make this up!

RecordSport are now claiming this evening the David Turnbull deal is in major jeopardy because something has turned up in his medical the club aren’t happy with.

Record Sports writes: Record Sport understands the transfer saga has taken another dramatic twist after problems were flagged up during the Motherwell midfielder’s medical.

There’s no specifics but as we approach the end of Tuesday after the player agreed terms on Friday there has been a growing concern for the deal.

The same report claims the two clubs are now in talks over a solution. A strange situation if his medical has been failed.

Turnbull’s deal was on then off then on then off then on! Now it looks more off than on at this point.

It has been the most bizarre transfer situation seen at the club since we can remember and whatever happens next this one will be hard to top for the sheer circus.

Celtic have been a fan of statements lately, maybe we’ll get one on this transfer saga.


  1. FFS Cektic, this needs a bit of explaining. The transfer of Turnbull, on, off, on, off, shake it all about. He has a medical, and he’s now got gout.
    Maybe a we bit of clarification on the situation is warranted.

  2. WTF is going on here i hope the player is ok,but every other team are signing players we have not got one yet,how come we have around 13 players that have left and we still have not got any players in we need two LBs two CHs and two RBs we do not need any more midfielders or CFs get the back line sorted,how come no one wants to come and play for us what is going on here..
    Some one tell me what this is all about this is like Rivaldo Coetzee failed a medical,one thing i do not want to see six loans as the new faces…

  3. No matter how good this bloke is supposed to be. Celtic have plenty of young colts to play. This is either on or off. C’mon

    It’s been off more times than a thirty Bob ho”s underpants.


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