DAVIE PROVAN doesn’t get a lot right in his SunSport column and in this instance, his column was monumentally disproven as he tried to put the current speight of crowd trouble firmly at Scotland’s door denying England has any REAL problem with hooliganism – yeah right!

Posted in the early hours of Sunday morning before the Aston Villa vs Birmingham game, Provan wrote about Brendan Rodgers re-entering civilisation by going back down south and the English fans have a couple of harmless ‘boneheads’ as he put it:

“Yeah, the English game has its share of bonehead supporters, but nothing like the coin-throwing, foul-mouthed sectarian mob currently killing our game.

“You wouldn’t dream of taking your wife or kids into their company.

“And if Rodgers has spoken warmly of his time in Scotland, he must be relieved he’s rejoined civilisation at Leicester.”

Twelve hours after this was published we seen the most outrageous and ugly scene to date this season when one of those ‘bonehead’ Birmingham fans entered the field of play and struck Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish from behind in a cowardly attack.

Nobody is denying Scotland has a problem with morons, but up until two weeks ago the vast majority of people were calling all of this as West of Scotland problem, then we have seen Hibs fans act out in two separate incidents before the shocking scenes down south.

Provan a perfect example of the problem rather than the solution. Even before the incident at Villa, to say England doesn’t have a massive problem with morons and the type of people Provan says only exist in Scotland is ludicrous.


  1. All Scottish teams are supported by fans who can get carried away with emotions. And after some drink or drugs they can escalate very quickly. Stick all fans behind four meter fencing. Only way. Or only sell season tickets to Oap’s.


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