LAZIO have tonight issued a communication condemning any fans for being racist inside their ground on matchday two of the Europa League against Rennes.

They then go on to talk about the ‘Deeply Damaging’ sanction as reported on by Football Italia which seems to suggest they already know the punishment that’s coming there way and by the sounds of things it could be a full stadium closure.

The club were charged by UEFA last week with their hearing moved up to early this week as opposed to Thursday. While there has been no official word from UEFA on any penalty the Lazio statement seems to suggest some sort of punishment which punishes law-abiding fans i.e Stadium or stand closure.

The statement talks about the right to appeal.

We should find out very shortly what the official verdict is but if it’s a full stadium ban then Celtic fans would not be permitted into the grounds either which would spell disaster for many who have already booked up for Rome.


  1. UEFA have partially closed the stadium, so Celtic fans will not be affected. They have ordered a full closure, suspended for one year, taking into account that preparations have already been made by Celtic fans. So Lazio fans have a reduced allocation for their home game against Celtic – praise where praise is due.
    Meanwhile if stupid Lazio fans feck up again, they will be in further trouble.

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