THE GREEN BRIGADE have today set up a fundraising page for football against fascism after UEFA handed out a charge to Celtic for their fans confronting the hardcore right wing element of the Lazio support during the Europa League tie in Glasgow.

Celtic sent a clear message on the night that fascism and racism was not welcome at Celtic Park in any form or fashion.

A banner depicting Mussolini hanging upside down and a host of banners targeting the vile nazi salutes we seen in and around Glasgow on match day were there for all to see.

UEFA have decided to charge Celtic on two counts; illicit banners and chanting.

There are no specifics to what banner has triggered the charge and what chant has also put us in front of the European governing body.

Considering their inaction against vile racism in recent times and poor punishments to deal with the problem, please excuse us if we don’t grovel to UEFA over what will likely be another fine for the club.

The group has started the fundraiser to support two refugee charities both in Rome and Glasgow.

The group writes:

In 2019, our aim is the same. We ask all Celtic fans, fans of all clubs and none, to continue to oppose racism and fascism. We invite you to support our appeal to once again undermine the impending and unjust UEFA fine. In doing so, we will not only promote tolerance and inclusion but provide much needed practical support to the below two charities with projects in Rome and Glasgow.

Since 2015, Baobab Experience have supported more than 85,000 asylum seekers in Rome. They offer food, clothing and accommodation services to ensure that people’s most basic needs are fulfilled. They also provide legal assistance and physical and mental healthcare.

Closer to home, Scottish Action for Refugees is a charity that supports refugees in Scotland as well as coordinates international efforts. Specifically in Glasgow, they have created a SAFR Space which is a community hub offering help and support for refugees and asylum seekers with the practical aspects of setting up a new life in a strange country.

You can donate below


  1. I hope this is to pay back money to Celtic who will be fined, it is the least they could do to help restore our good name that they have tarnished.


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