BBC’s ‘The Social’ sketch who play hard and loose with the word ‘comedy’ released a sketch at the beginning of January poking fun at Celtic fans.

At the time, the bhoys were fair game for a bit of abuse; they had just at Ibrox and then their Glasgow rivals signed an expensively paid striker in Jermaine Defoe. The furore surrounding the signing was up there with some of the best nonsense we’ve seen from the media in this country.

Selling our game short by rolling out the red carpet for a striker who has had his day, saying he would come up here and ‘boss it’.

As we approach mid-March Celtic has run rampant against opposition; going eight points clear and getting into the semi-final of the Scottish Cup.

Apparently, the Defoe signing was the last straw…

We watched this at the time and we love poking fun at ourselves and at Celtic but this was clearly made with a view to trying to garner views from one half of Glasgow with comedy taking a doing.

I hope that ‘Celtic fan’ has calmed down now.


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