Ronny Deila is ready to throw everything at Celtic’s Europa League campaign this season, admitting that getting further in this competition will be his highest priority.

While he knows that the league is of high importance he rightfully points out that this is not enough for Celtic fans who want to see the club do well on the European stage.

“We want to compete in this competition and use these experiences to get better. I will not go into the Europa League and put out weakened teams.

“So we are going to put out good teams in the league and good teams in the Europa League. But the league is not more important that the Europa League.” said Ronny.

Without credible opposition domestically, there is definitely more impetus put on our European exploits, although they have always been very high at Celtic.

It’s not enough for Celtic to dominate the domestic scene anymore, the fans want a run like Seville or the breath taking moments that come with beating the likes of Barcelona.

Celtic start their Europa League campaign at 6pm CPT against Salzburg.



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