There’s such a thing as trying to be too clever.

Celtic fans on Twitter don’t need a lot of encouragement to express their opinion on everything Celtic or on any given tweet the official club page makes.

However, the Celtic social media team had a nightmare on Sunday afternoon when they tried to be clever with the team line up.

Usually, the team for that day will be posted in an image. Sometimes the players are listed in a sensible way where you can see the line up properly, other times it’s posted by ascending numbers which can give everyone a headache.

Today they went one step too far and introduced a video of the starting XI where it flashes on all the players name before the substitutes flash up at the end.

It was a swing and a miss from the social media team and we hope they go back to the original images!

Here’s the video followed by some supporters critique.

Are you a fan of the video format?

You can tell we haven’t got else much to moan about!



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