Ok, we know at some point we have to calm down with the Rodgers hating, but not today. An old proverb says “You can never hear bad news about someone you don’t like”, actually, I might have just read that from a free calendar, but the point stands.

Watford might have noticed they had a few million new fans for a day. Rodgers was taking his first game down in England after he slid out the back door at Paradise. The first game for the Irish man has not gone according to plan, a late goal gifted all three points to Watford. Delicious.

Celtic fans were quick to consolidate the clubs official twitter feed as the Foxes cried heartbreak.

Those tweets are just the tip of the iceberg, we’re sure their notification chime has packed in. If Leicester fans think this will pass any time soon, they will be in for a surprise. A large majority of Celtic fans want Rodgers to lose every game he steps into a dugout for. They feel betrayed and they won’t miss an opportunity like today to put the boot in.



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