Celtic have been ranked in the top 100 richest clubs in the world by the annual Deloitte Money League rankings – the only Scottish club that appear in the top 100.

The Scottish Champions landed in the top 70 richest in the world – a fall from last year and the year before as cited by RecordSport.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are number one and two on the lists while Manchester Utd sit in third. In the top 20 there are very few clubs who make an appearance outside the top five leagues in Europe. TV deals and competition money driving the revenue up while Celtic rely on Champions League qualification or selling their biggest assets.

In 2017, Celtic sat just outside the top 50 but the fall in revenue has meant the club have fallen down the list since then.

The next Scottish club on the list is Celtic’s Glasgow Rivals The Rangers who clock in around 120.

The growing gap between the elite clubs and the rest is concerning. These are the clubs trying to push for closed house Champions League tournaments with only the financial elite competing. Making them richer and the poorer clubs poorer.

The disparity will only grow.


  1. Dosent bother me or most celtic fans want stability in club but like riches on the park and facilities a indoor pitch that has been mentioned for a few years with the weather we have got it would be nice to have a place thats dry bring tommy burns dream alive getting top training facilities its where the players do most of work


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