According to STV man Raman Bhardwaj, Moussa Dembele has reported for training after the transfer storm between himself in the club spilt over onto social media overnight.

Moussa wants to leave for Lyon but Celtic have told them they simply cannot let him go without a proper replacement and it’s too late to get anybody in.

This hasn’t gone down well in the Dembele camp with the player taking to social media to vent about the deal not going through and pointing the finger at the Celtic manager.

The player will likely be dealt with internally should he stay past the window today.

Celtic have an important Glasgow derby coming up and all these off-field distractions are hurting the team’s credibility as well as any momentum we’re trying to build as a club.

If Moussa isn’t getting his move this month then he needs to get on with it, simple as that.

Dembele has reportedly walked off the training ground after speaking with Brendan Rodgers.


  1. Absolutely terrible news if we don’t let Dembele go. Dembele will be very unhappy, this will spread throughout the dressing room, Celtic will no longer be seen as a good club for young players to develop. Promises broken, my respect for Rodgers has diminished. Dembele has been used and lied to. Right now I’m ashamed to be a Celtic supporter. Bad times ahead because of this shambles. Same goes for Boyata. Rodgers has totally played all the wrong cards here. We should have had both Boyota and Dembele’s replacements in 6 weeks ago. This shambolic recruitment transfer window has cost us millions by not qualifying for the group stages of the CL and millions in transfer fees which won’t be on offer come January. What is the point in keeping Dembele if his heart is not in it. This is going to affect the team badly. Fans are idiots if they think Dembele will give his best now. Poor planning all round, a complete disgrace. If we had signed a good centre half, McGinn, a centre forward on loan and Patrick Roberts then let Armstrong, Dembele and Boyata go we would have improved the squad and came out with a big profit. It could have been so easy. Why have we made such a mess of this. I despair!

  2. If he does not have the heart or inclination to play for us ,should he be picked?????can he motivate himself to continue at the club !!if he does not go by tonight, then he has no option but to commit till at least January,and that means doing what he is paid to go !!!!!

  3. I think this is they key point. Our strategy (supposedly) was take talent we can’t afford, promise them European football exposure with promise of selling them on for a profit.
    We have offers for Boyata and Dembele well above what we paid (in Dembele’s case possibly 50 times what we paid). It’s a big club in France which is his home.
    We are now putting up a sign to young players in France and elsewhere, once we get you we will trick you into staying.
    All we are left with are two depreciating assets who will run down their contracts and create a bad atmosphere. Dembele in particular will no doubt unsettle Edouard and Ntcham among others.
    Total disaster. Mixture of board’s incompetence and Rodgers’ pigheadedness in not letting them go – seemingly to spite the board.

  4. Funny how John’s msg is the exact same word for word as Thai tims in another site… Troll central, stick to your Stevie G site and behave yourself.

  5. If it is true then take the money and move him out we have cover so we must give him his wish or we have a player not wanting to play for us and he would just be dead wood no point in keeping him take the cash now.

  6. Maybe better for Rodgers to go now and take Congleton with him before we are destroyed from within. Rodgers allegedly up their with Stein and O’Neill but both these top managers were up against a strong ran jerks. Congleton being paid is taking the piss. Agree with previous posts that we as a team can no longer be trusted by players coming in. Get Lenny back in a heartbeat and let him manage his way

  7. Maybe so if tough we decide !Tho this charters clown is a wee hun! I was at the game last night and there was a great crowd well over 50,000 but according to this fud “25,000 to 30,000 at kick off not a chance! Little orc playing to the filth and he repeated gerrand “let’s go”pish every other night during the summer on snyde! Total wee clowns shoes! Sunday his diddy team going be hammered as per !Hail Hail Treble !TREBLE on the way and good European draw Come on THE CELTIC!

  8. Clear out the the dead wood and ones who want to move on today get the money and buy in players we need in January no one is bigger than the club,and the manager has the last word who is doing what,lets turn them over Sunday and show them they going need more money than what they spent this window to catch us, we will be ready SG as you say BRING IT ON

  9. Agree with 99% of your post Stevie,not convinced Brendan can take much,if any of the blame for this Sevco stylie pantomime hiowever.Brendan more or less stated that McGinn would sign with Allan going as part of the deal,in a statement to The Herald,a move sabotaged by our own board,not Brendan,the board knocked back Fulham’s more than generous offers,for Boyatta,not Brendan,it’s the boards fault we had been in talks with Lyon,not Brendans,if we don’t have a replacement for Moussa then that can fall at his feet,if he was given time..I have been behind this board and Lawell through the last 3/4 years when many of the support have questioned their attitude to many subjects from transfer failings to treatment of the Green Brigade,but i have now turned full circle.Iwould even go as far to say,with the way they have failed to strengthen the team since “the rangers” came back into the top flight,they want the huge gap that had opened up,to close in order for “the old firm” franchise to rise from the ashes and ressurrect the media loving,money attracting monopoly,even as far as putting 10 in a row at risk.We need bigger and more forceful banners akin to the one unfurled by the small section of the support on Thusday,SACK THE BOARD!

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