Ok, let’s say the bid for Moussa Dembele is real and on the table. Of course, there’s nothing to substantiate these reports as we countdown to the window closing.

There seems to be some jubilation and a sense of satisfaction that a club would bid so much for one of our players. Fans bragging about the fact that their striker is highly sought after and worth a ton of cash.

Is it just me who doesn’t understand this mentality?

We have reached the zenith of ridiculousness when fans want to point score over how much they get for their star players. As a guy in my late twenties, I try desperately not to use the term “back in my day” but back in my day there would have been an uproar if Celtic even thought about selling their star striker for however much.

We know the talent we have in Dembele, he’s a player who could reach the very top of the game. When he continues to impress he will always have suitors and I’m not naive enough to think if the right deal and club come along that the player will want to go, which is a whole different conversation.

What I do know, at this moment, he’s a Celtic player and we should be striving to keep in no matter what bid comes in.

Selling him would cut Rodgers off at the knees and throw his future plans into some doubt.

But then you argue; well he’ll have £34 – £40million to build a squad.

If anyone thinks if Celtic got that much for a player that they would go out tomorrow and start signing players for £6-10million and with a wage packet that would make our top earner right now feel inadequate then they’re sadly mistaken.

The club are working within a model that might see the boat pushed out now and again but they would not break that model to bring in a host of big money players (by Scottish football standards) to jeopardise that once the transfer cash has run out.

There’s no guarantee when you spend money that you get quality and in my opinion, it would be harder to find a player like Dembele with a copious amount of cash than it would to simply tell clubs interested in him to take a hike.

What’s to gain for Celtic fans if we sell him? So you can head down the pub this weekend and say “Ah, I told you Dembele was worth a mint”.  I’d rather opposition fans belittle his transfer fee and try to discredit him than our fans been proven right over the bhoy’s price and potential.

The board would certainly welcome the amount of cash that has been offered but we’re not board members looking at the bottom line, we’re fans and we should want to see the very best play in the hoops for as long as possible. We should have the foresight to see that keeping Dembele will give enhance our chances of Champions League qualification next season and after a bumper £30million this season, he’d make up that transfer fee in no time.

We have the Frenchman under contract and we should sell when the time is right but at the moment it just doesn’t feel right.

Am I the crazy one here?