MOUSSA DEMBELE posted an image tonight with the words ‘A man, without his word, is nothing. A real man keeps his word’.

The French striker posted the image on social media after Brendan Rodgers and Celtic rejected a massive bid from Lyon for the striker’s services.

Brendan Rodgers has always spoken about Moussa Dembele having a two-year cycle at the club before moving on and his two years have been and gone.

However, Celtic have found themselves in a unique set of circumstances when it comes to transfers.

The club have been very inactive until late in the day and astonishingly, they haven’t prepared for a massive Moussa Dembele bid.

The board and Rodgers must have felt safe after the English Premier League window closed but now the French side has turned Dembele’s head, it looks like we have a very unhappy player on our hands.

Much like the case of Dedryk Boyata it seems Moussa has spoken up in his message on social media.

Chris Sutton sincerely believes the striker is calling out Brendan Rodgers.

Moussa then posted this at 2am.


  1. If he wants to go then do so!!!!!we have quality players here,no guarantee he would go through the rest of the season without injury,the fee is first class,

  2. Lets stay friends and give him his wish take the money and let him go we enjoyed him when he was wanting to be here his time here looks like it has come to a end now do the right thing take the money and let hime move on and stay friends better for everyone.


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