CHRIS DAVIES has given Celtic’s biggest hint to date that Moussa Dembele is on his way out of Celtic.

The French striker who was on the bench at the weekend because of speculation surrounding his future has been dropped by Rodgers for not having his head in the game.

Now Rodgers assistant Davies has spelt it out in no uncertain terms that they believe Moussa wants to go.

“It’s a feeling now that, of course he’s our player and we’re happy for him to be here – and we know what he can do.

“But there is also an acceptance that maybe Moussa feels it is the right time for him to move on.

“And when a player feels that way, then, there is not an awful lot of point in stopping them – unless you really have to. So that’s kind of how it’s evolved.


  1. Leigh has always been our main source for Goals.Moussa has had his great season last season.If he wants to go,Let him Go.He just isnt the same player,Somethings missing from his game,(Desire)…..Get as much as we can for him.Bye bye Moussa,Its been great n awrat but…….HH

  2. No surprise there scottish media have done everything they can to unsettle him they have hounded him out with there constant speculation and left BR having to play shirk and try and keep him grounded.

  3. Maybe we should hear Moussa says what he wants , and if he wants to be at Celtic. We haven’t heard anything from him or his agent.we,he heard conflicting reports from Rodgers, Davies , media etc but nothing from Moussa. I,’ll wait to I hear it from Moussa.


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