A lot has been made of Moussa Dembele’s future ever since he stepped through the doors at Celtic Park.

From phantom Chelsea bids to Thierry Henry speaking on Sky Sports about how he couldn’t believe Premier League teams missed the chance to snap the Frenchman up in the summer. It seems that when people are talking about Dembele, they inevitably gravitate to his Celtic departure, well everyone but his agent.

Speaking candidly, Dembele’s agent and best friend done something you see very rarely in football – he applied logic to his clients current status.

Speaking this week Mamadi Fofana is happy that his vision for Moussa is coming to fruition.

“It has worked out so far the way I had imagined and wanted,”

“I’d rather Moussa was playing in Scotland for the first team at a big club such as Celtic than being at an equally big club in a more prestigious league and playing for the Under-23 team.

“What is the point of that instead of Champions League with Celtic? As a player and as an agent, you have to use your brain.

An outlook so refreshing it will probably never catch on.

Listen, every Celtic fan isn’t naive enough to think Dembele will be at Celtic forever but what we know for certain is that when he does move on it won’t be for the first big money move, it’ll be what is right for the player and club.

“Everybody loves the boy right now, you have 60,000 people singing his name.” said Mamadi.

“I received a letter from a fan in Japan. One from China. America and Australia. It’s incredible. You only leave a club like Celtic for somewhere with the same dimensions to progress.”

Fantastic player, with great people around him and understands the club. Money is clearly not the motivator for Moussa or his agent as he looks to shape his own career and legacy.

I hear a French call up coming…