BT SPORTS pundit Stephen Craigan has given his opinion on the Moussa Dembele transfer speculation after Brendan Rodgers comments at the weekend.

Speaking after the 5-0 Scottish Cup victory against Brechin, the Celtic manager admitted there had been an approach for his striker and that all the speculation had encroached on the Frenchman’s ability.

“The boy is fine, he is training, he is working but it is clear that he has probably not been quite the same as what he has been for probably over a year or so.” admitted Rodgers.

Craigan used his column to query why the Celtic boss would shine a further light on the player’s troubles by pointing them out to everyone.

He Wrote:

‘I think all that does is draw more attention to a young player struggling for form and fluency in his game. It also makes you question the impact it’s had on Dembele’s value and is it really worthwhile to keep a player at the club if his head has been turned?’

Should Brendan Rodgers have been so honest in his press conference?


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