Police are investigating reports of anti-catholic and sectarian chanting by a ‘group’ of Rangers supporters it has emerged.

The old Ibrox song book was in full swing on Sunday before kick off and kept going all day long.

It was depressing to hear a large majority of the crowd singing along to the songs that have no place in a civilised society.

Soccer Football – Scottish Cup Semi Final – Celtic v Rangers – Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – April 17, 2022 Celtic fans with flares in the stands before the match REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

People try and brand this as just sectarianism – in the West of Scotland that word has been beaten and coerced into something that attempts to encapsulate the two sets of supporters and tar everyone with the same ‘bad as each other’ brush.

In reality, this is blatant, anti-catholic and anti-Irish racism and it must be called out. The Ibrox club have a campaign ‘everyone, anyone’ and they’ll continue to pretend they’re all inclusive. But until they stop pandering to the worst element of their support, there’s no chance of bringing their club into the here and now.

As a spectator at the game on Sunday, this was much more than a group. Surely decent Gers fans have to call this out?


  1. Plenty of “orange b@stards” coming from the Celtic end yesterday. If we are going to call them out, we acknowledge our fans doing it as well.

    • Correct Degsy.

      And the constant IRA rubbish too-for what purpose? The troubles ended 25 years ago yet eejits in our support continue to embarrass themselves with this ridiculous nonsense.

      This is why we keep being bracketed with them as “Old Firm”.

      In addition, surely the flares fetish from the GB has run its course.

      Only the simple minded can still be impressed by this.

    • The uneducated are unaware of this Keith.

      Best to leave them in the darkness so we can all have a snigger at them when they continually embarrass themselves.


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