HEARTS Owner, Ann Budge has sent out a warning to the rest of the SPFL about fans potentially coming back to stadiums next season.

The hope is, with the vaccination process in full swing, we could start to get back to some normality from August onwards. From where Ann is sitting, there’s a chance we go through all of next season with no supporters once again.

Speaking to RecordSport the outspoken chairman said:

“I don’t see full stadiums, potentially, ANY time next season unless there is a real change.

“Partial crowds aren’t the answer. We would lose money. I don’t particularly want small numbers in for a game unless it is part of a trial — as in, ‘If you can cope with this, then we move on.’

“So it’s not a question of getting a certain number back as quickly as possible, it’s about having a pathway to plan sensibly.”

If Celtic go a full season without fans coming through the turnstiles it would be an absolute disaster. With forecasts like this from fellow clubs, the worry is many season ticket holders will have to drop out because they have more than one season ticket in their household and it’s just not sustainable to pay thousands of pounds for the privilege of a half baked TV subscription.

Partial crowds could work at Celtic but with the tier system coming back into play before the summer, the stringent rules mean any large gathering remains off the table.



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