Derek McInnes was sent to the stands today to join one of his coaching staff at Hampden.

The Aberdeen Boss lost it himself as his team lost all discipline on the park and two red cards proved that. Post-match the Aberdeen manager has said he was reacting to sectarian singing.

McInnes looks to be hiding behind this as he goes about his business in the post-match interview. He set up his team to be negative and get in Celtic’s faces but they couldn’t touch the champions. Their frustration grew and both sendings off were warranted and a result of his heavy-handed tactics. The perennial loser then got sent off himself, blaming the Celtic fans for this for singing a song his own fans were singing to Steven Gerrard just weeks prior.

The abhorrent chants from the Aberdeen fans on the day also not worth a mention by the Dons boss who was very selective and deflective.


  1. Shhh, let’s listen to Derek moan….that’s all we get, winge, moan, sob, cry, complain. McInnes, Logan, and all the rest of the wasters at Aberdeen can go now. New stadium, nae money and a crap team, and an even crapper manager and assistant. What more can is there to say, failures, and duffers every one of them.

  2. Maybe if he sent his team out to play football instead of brutal attacking us, they might of had a chance
    If they had of tried to play football we would have played them off the park, they came to fight, we played football and hammered them
    Cheer up ya OB
    Hail Hail 🍀


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