It was back in 2014 in the opening round of fixtures much like yesterday where Derk Boerrigter won a penalty, going down easily to a tug on the shirt.

After the game there was a massive uproar about Derk’s simulation and the SFA stepped in offering the player a two match ban for ‘causing a match official to make an incorrect decision by committing an act of simulation’.

Celtic chose not to appeal the decision and Derk took his punishment.

Fastforward to yesterday’s game where Jamie Walker went down in the box winning a penalty for his side with absolutely NO CONTACT. Kieran Tierney could not believe it when the referee pointed to the spot and every camera angle vindicated that reaction.

Today, there is hardly any uproar because in the end Celtic managed to win. However, the SFA MUST now look to punish Jamie Walker for ‘causing a match official to make an incorrect decision by committing an act of simulation’ as they put it in their own words. He cheated to win the penalty and scored from it.

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  1. Blatant cheating which must be dealt with. Muirhead also dived in the second half with no contact being made.

    Let’s call these cheats out at every opportunity.

  2. Maybe spl should adopt a similar system to the nfl, where a contentious decision can be challenged. However instead of losing timeouts, you lose substitutes. If you are willing to challenge at the expense of losing a potential substitute then that is your decision.

  3. What do you expect from the wee huns, 7 yellow cards, cheated for the penalty and tried to cheat there way to another, attempts to punch Scott Sinclair and spitting at him SHAME ON THE HEARTS ! Where is the SFA to throw the book at them, this type of behaviour by both players and so-called supporters must be stamped out.


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