Some articles have emerged in the past few hours of interviews or more like a lack of interviews with Celtic’s majority shareholder, Dermot Desmond. Articles, from the “Paradise Papers” claiming tax havens for the Irish businessman’s private jet company.

Here is a letter (not confirmed) from Dermot Desmond in response to these allegations.

The legitimacy of this letter is unconfirmed, none of the papers seem to be printing it. Desmond is clearly ready for a battle, but a quick look through some papers and they have already started spewing. This is something that is sure to grow legs over the coming weeks.


  1. Dermo doesnt take kindly to this sort of nonsense. Now Im not sure exactly what is going on but rest assured if DD is accussed in the wrong he will go after the accussers

  2. I’m glad they have upset Dermot, he will give Brenden more cash to ensure 10 in a row.
    Also he will be more in line with the resolutioners .
    Sue the BBC and withdraw Celtic players from the Scotland team.

  3. Not before time we hit the liars in the pocket or make them back up the Slurs like the dope said we underpaid for the land round the park as far as the Hague cost us and Gcc to defend it Result proven we paid more than the Going Rate should have sued the rat bankrupted him, there still at it liars and charlatans

  4. What is this all about DD is Irish what does it matter where he bought the plane he has non dom residency so he wouldn’t have paid the vat anyway move on wankers


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