As we all found out yesterday, there was a moment on Thursday where Brendan Rodgers decided to try and bring Callum McGregor to Leicester. The Irishman waited until the final hours with Celtic fans already reeling from the Kieran Tierney situation to make his interest known. The speculation Brendan wanted Callum was no secret but there was no firm interest until the English transfer deadline.

One thing that most outlets are reporting about that situation is it wasn’t Neil Lennon or Peter Lawwell who told Brendan Rodgers he was a chancer but the majority shareholder himself Dermot Desmond who phoned up his fellow Irishman.

The Scotsman writes: “Rodgers is thought to have approached his former club just before the English transfer window deadline but was told by majority shareholder Dermot Desmond that McGregor would be going nowhere.”

We’re unsure their relationship after Brendan Rodgers’ hasty exit from the club on February but there might be some hard feelings if Dermot is picking up the phone to Brendan directly and telling him no. It could be a courtesy call from the businessman but perhaps it was a warning to stay away from their players.

After seeing Tierney leave, Callum being unsettled could be another problem that Rodgers could have created.


  1. Never happened. All spin to make Celtic look good. Please tell me how anyone would know that DD phoned Rodgers ? Why would Rodgers, knowing KT was leaving that same day make his move on the same day? Its utter drivel imo

  2. We don’t know if it really did or didn’t happen, but I love the thought it did. Tierney leaving same day is irrelevant. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, Rodgers knows this. I’m just glad somebody told him to get tae.

  3. Celtic fans were hardly ‘reeling ‘ from Tierney moving , we all knew it was almost certain to happen. McGregor moving at same time would have created much anger amongst the supporters towards the club and Desmond would have known this


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