CELTIC’S AGM has kicked off a little late and we’ll be giving you the major updates on what’s going on as it progresses.

The panel have taken their places and we can reveal who is sitting for the 2020 Celtic AGM.

There is a Desmond at the table but it’s Dermot’s son Ross who is there to represent his father. Something which was done last year. Dermot hasn’t been to an AGM since 2006!

The usual suspects come into play after that. Check the full list below:

Sharon Brown

Tom Allison

Chris McKay

Michael Nicholson

Ross Desmond

Brian Wilson

Neil Lennon

Peter Lawwell

There are many talking points to go over and votes to be cast. However, there will be no proper Q&A this time. Celtic have asked shareholders to submit their questions for review, so they know exactly what’s coming their way.

If this was a normal AGM, the floor would open after business was taken care of and the board and manager would be given questions by shareholders in attendance with no prior consultation.


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