Dermot Desmond is a clever man. He knows business very well and he knows what to say to get people on side and have a dig at others expense.

Speaking about all things Celtic in a surprise interview with Celtic TV on Friday morning, the majority share holders tackled a whole range of things.

One thing that came up was Celtic’s handling of a transfer budget and who has final say on transfers.

Desmond made it clear all managers, including Ange, have final say on who comes in the door. What is set by the board is the money we can spend and that’s relayed to the manager and the scouting team.

Dermot sees the way Celtic is run as a source of pride. The businessman wants the club to be a well run business and not be a basket case, reliant upon soft loans.

His cheeky dig at our rivals across the city wasn’t very subtle.

The Irishman made it clear he doesn’t want to go into liquidation just like a certain Ibrox club and have any sort of unbroken history.

“We want to be financially prudent in the way we run the club, we don’t want the club to get into a state where there the club goes into liquidation and there’s going to be a new Celtic. We want our history to be continuous, not to be curtailed through financial mismanagement.”

Of course, this is a clever little dig at the 150th anniversary parties and title count obsession across the way.

Celtic have been run like a business for a long time. Some times that means we get in our own way, especially when it comes to European football. So many times we’ve failed to speculate just a bit more for qualifiers to give ourselves the best chance of Champions League qualification. The prudent nature of Celtic has cost us in a European sense, domestically, we’ve dominated.


  1. I’m quite sure Dermot was congratulating Govan Sevco on there very first Premier Title.And there wishful thinking on 55 in 10 Years.Delusions of Grandeur have always been Rife Over There.They are the Poophole


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