Defeats can be hard, defeats can send the already sensitive part of the Celtic support over the edge while other try to take it on the chin.

Our major shareholder sat at Hampden yesterday among the Celtic players, celebrating and enjoying the occasion but the businessman will be the first to admit he didn’t enjoy his trip to Hampden last season.

Rumour has it that during the dying days of the Deila empire, when a poor Celtic side fell to a Sevco side playing at the top of their game on penalties, it ignited a fire under the Irishman. Not because we lost a Championship side because these things can happen, a result that Desmond would have to take on the chin like many of us. However, onlookers in the directors box at Hampden that fateful day watched a cavalier, disrespectful and classless display by the Sevco board, who lorded around like they’d won the Champions League. Not one of them extending their hand to the millionaire and generally not showing the type of “dignity” they try to preach in their daily statements.

It’s well known in Celtic circles now that this was the day Deila’s fate was sealed and the orders were given by the majority shareholder. As he watched the lack of class unfold, his message to Lawwell was simple – ‘Enough is enough, go get me a real manager’. While this may be somewhat paraphrased, Celtic majority shareholder had enough.

Within days, Ronny Deila had come out and told the fans he would be leaving in the summer and with that Celtic went about appointing a new manager.

After the five in a row title celebrations on the final day of last season, Ronny was on a plane that Sunday night and by the following Friday after so much speculation Brendan Rodgers was announced as Celtic’s next manager. Something many fans could not believe the club had managed to pull off.

The manager addressed a crowd of over 15,000 the following Monday afternoon at Celtic Park and since then we haven’t looked back.

As I said at the top of the page, defeats are always hard to take but sometimes they are necessary. The failure to beat Sevco on penalties back in February was a tough one, however, it proved the catalyst behind where we are right now not to mention it also gave way to Hibernian’s Scottish Cup triumph which was also so delicious it had to be fattening.

Maybe some peepul should tread carefully and when they do win, which is not often, show a bit of humility because the humble pie they’re currently tucking into is plentiful.



  1. The appointment of Brendan Rogers was an inspired one, and Lawwell and Desmond should be given the credit for that.

    After all they had been taking most of the blame for Ronny Deila’s time at the club.

    So far I think Rodgers just edges out Martin O’Neill as Celtic’s second best manager, since the latter spent the guts of £25mill to set up his team while, Rodgers has spent only a fraction of that on the current side.

  2. There is no comparison between O’Neil and Rodgers.
    Rodgers is vastly superior to O’Neil.
    Too many people get caught up in the results of when O’Neil arrived versus the style and class Rodgers has us playing with.
    Rodgers is class, and unlikely to mess up the way O’Neil did.
    The shambles O’Neil left Strachan with was shameful.
    In the final O’Neil season, he threw away the league with a five point lead and four games left, and he managed this with no Huns to play in those last four games!

    • Bit harsh on O’Neil’s last season. The man’s wife had just been diagnosed with cancer otherwise things could abs probably would have been different.
      I totally agree that there’s no comparison to Brendan-he’s simply world class and I genuinely wouldn’t swap him for any other manager,if we had our pick.

  3. Bit harsh on Martin. Different era and impossible to compare. Larrson and Co were the best in the business in a far more competitive league back then and now all we have is dross trying to catch Celtic.

  4. If Celtic give him some money to strengthin the team at the back two or three that’s all then we could make an IMPAC in Europe if not it will be same alled story .

  5. HAIL HAIL…..
    Everyone’s options should be accepted and respected. What should be agreed by all is the total disrespectful crap that continues to be vomited out of mouths of anything to do with the tribute act that is connected with ibroke and the shameful peepul who willingful replicate that bile.
    Here we go for 10 in a row and they cant do anything about it.

  6. this post is another made up – get rid of deila because celtic lost to sevco at hampden.
    since xmas lawwell had been trying to get strachan back ( 3 attempts) and others were being sounded out ( incl Neil Lennon ) the sevco result only raised the level deila baiting by the media.
    Deila was out of his depth and knew it and agreed with PL to go public with his departure to appease the fans.
    However, all this has been overshadowed by the appointment of Brendan.

    • deila didnt get sacked because we lost to sevco. that game was simply the last straw. the article doesnt suggest that either. it simply says desmond called had had enough of what was going on, and the decision was made there and then.
      it was clear to anyone who watched celtic that deila was out of his depth, and incapable of hiding it, and the players were not behind him. only the green goggled fans were still behind him. i knew a fan who backed mowbray until the morning he was sacked.

      • I agree, the Rangers result was just the final nail, in an already well hammered down and almost shut coffin. If he’d got us a Treble or to the Champs League, the Rangers result would have been severely frowned upon but probably accepted.

  7. That 10 minutes of joy that sevco enjoyed in the Scottish cup has probably put them back another 10 years and the worst thing to happen to them in they’re short history. It was the catalyst to change within Paradise and without that we may still have been dragging ourselves along with Ronnie and not looking forward to the future with Brendan. Some things are just ment to be.

  8. Celtic are playing good football just now something we have not seen for a long time and it will get better our management has not yet put a foot wrong and i cant say that was the same under Ronnie he wasn’t celtic class but i can understand why celtic did it Money why pay when it was always going to be the case that we would win the league better to hold on and put the money in the bank don’t forget the fans numbers were down but as soon as rangers came back we spent vinnie

  9. Brendan will have to build up the squad if we want to get compettive in Europe. It’s not enough keeping the Huns down we are bigger than that.
    Hail Hail
    Jerry Sharma

  10. Go gentle guys and do not judge, each Celtic manager did what they did during their tenure is what they thought was the best for the club.

    Most succeeded and a few did not make the grade…it is not their fault that the job was too big for them.

    At Celtic it takes a big man to step into Big Jocks shoes, think about that?

    Brendan is scaring the shit out of the opposition and the SFA simply because they did not think we could not attract a high level manager.

    They forgot that we are CELTIC.


  11. It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed watching Celtic play like this, Brendan Rodgers is our catylist to greater things, the man is our dream come true , his vision of football and how it should be played is what we are all about! He has attached himself like it’s only been a matter of time until he managed Celtic , maybe his footballing injury was a coincidence, just like Sir Jock Stein , as he became the influence on the team that became heroes ?

  12. the scottish cup loss was painful at the time, but well worth it now. i said much the same thing after the final as you’ve said in your article. we got rid of deila, and got the pleasure of watching them lose the final. we were the real winners of that semi final. i wish deila all the best for the future, but i was as glad he left as i was when mowbray left.

    as for rodgers v o’neill. yes, we are playing better football, but o’neill had better scottish quality teams to compete against in scotland, and he made us a force in europe. i also think we played some pretty good stuff under him.
    rodgers is some way off that last one. i think he can get there, but we’re not there yet. we’ve had three respectable performances in the group stages so far, but we still haven’t won a match, and i cant see us winning in manchester. i think we can definitely win a treble if we can get past the honest mistakes in the scottish cup.

  13. HH All what about Neil Lennon he to was good for us at the time but again wee Celtic Should have had more Trebles than wee din not get, as for the players against Ronnie Delia should have been kicked out of our great club as Nobody is bigger than CELTIC FACT. Brendan need to be careful regarding recruiting new players as wee require to keep up the Standards that wee have know got,The Biscuit tin mentality must not hide that fact wee are wanting to better in Europe plus to get 10 plus more in a Row wee must Add to the playing staff very carefully. Also what about the young players not getting there chance Big Money Signings are not always the right way to go Look at Man United -MAN CITY -Chelsea Arsenal and the rest all round the world .Remember 1967 Fact an all Scottish Team 50yrs need I say More God Bless HH KTF. GOOD lUCK celtic for ever hh ktf.

  14. I think Martin was a better manager than Brendan because he played rangers when they were a far better team than they are now, and also in Europe his results are far better than rodgers, no contest in my view.


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