JIM WHITE has taken to Twitter this morning with a poll on the ‘most humiliating defeat’.

Is it The Rangers being knocked out by the fourth best (part time) side in Luxembourg last night or was it Celtic’s one off defeat to Lincoln Red Imps which they overturned and progressed?


Jimmy bhoy, we know where your allegiance lies son, but this is just embarrassing and a very humorous attempt at pulling Celtic into this momentous Ibrox debacle.

Unlike last night, Celtic and Brendan Rodgers progressed from their tie to make it into the Champions League group stages, where last night The Rangers and more specifically Pedro made it into a bush.

A genuine clutch at straws, and a gentle reminder of their need to bring Celtic into the equation to detract from their own major failings.

Feel free to vote in Jim’s poll, we’ll even give it a wee plug.


  1. I fail to see how this Brand New Club from Govan has anything to do with Celtic….Rangers in Liquidation were Our Biggest Bitter Rivals But Everyone knows how that Old Club Died Attempting to Surpass Glasgow Celtic and it killed Them.Yes we lost by a Goal to Lincoln Red Imps but we got to the Group Stages of the Champions League…Progres Neiderkorn have scored 3 Goals in European Competition from the 70s and two of those Three are Against Sevco Rangers 5088….Sevco are All of 5 Years Old.In 2012 it Was All Over Every Single Newspaper 140 Years of History ENDED RANGERS!!!!!!That Shower of Dross in Govan are An Utter Embarrassment to Scotland….HH Comparing Sevco to Celtic……What Fcking Ever……Only Way to make the HunZzz Feel Important is Associating Themselves with the Biggest and Best Club in Scotland……

  2. Jim White,What an Utter Bell End..Attempting to Compare Celtic with a 5 Year Old Club.Glasgow Celtic Have a Wonderful HONEST History….Sevco have Only Came up through the Divisions.History shows They Didnt even exist Till They Got into Division 3 And Managed to get into the Scottish Premier at there 2nd Attempt.They had the biggest Wage Bill in all Divisions And Couldnt even Go Undefeated Against Part Timers,So last night shouldnt be that much of a Shock but when your Dealing with Deluded Idiots They probably Had it in there Hun Heads They,d Win the league and the Europa Cup hahahahahahaha….That Circus over in Govan Just Keeps Endlessly Supplying All Other Supporters of every other Club Going with Giggles Humour and All Round Entertainment.hahahahahahaha hahahahaha….My sides are Killing Me,Tears Rolling Down My face with non Stop Laughter…..Dave King keep Em Coming…..

  3. Jim take a day off from being a sad hun. You’ll have plenty more days of being a bitter and twisted sad hun to come.

  4. Listen guys think we are all being unfair here this is a team that were formed 6 years ago and this being there first game in Europe so give them credit good effort but always next year hehehehe hh

  5. Green boots, WATP, Hell mend them. Absolutely no sympathy for them at all.
    There’s no place for them or their fans in modern society.
    Neanderthal cavemen.

  6. Okay one result was as bad as the other, no argument there, but that (Red Imps) was then and now is now. We copped it sweet moved on and won the tie. Celtic went on to become the Invincible Treble Champions going from strength to strength on and off the field. We are in a good position, they are in a mess purely because they are obsessed with where Celtic are.

  7. FFS just read some absolute skelper is suggesting Sevco lost because Theyve got Catholics at the Crumble Dome.Honestly the Bile that comes from these Cretins is So Warped…Titles are Needing Stripped after the Judgement today.Glasgow Celtic the Biggest and Best Supported Club in Scotland…END OF

    • I saw that troglodyte who wrote that .. fucking eejit but your 100% right shows you the mindset of these horrible horrible people .. they are a disgrace and the begging tramps won’t even thank Celtic if they get to the champions league even though their horrible nasty club will benefit

    surely the rangers being a new club and playing in europe for the first time you were surely disposed of by a higher ranked team, anyway lets have a real poll who is the worst presenter on tv is it donkey or jim white sorry jim but you are the donkey

  9. Heard him on the radio what a plonker we all know that the Rangers result is the worst in Scottish history next he will be saying Hearts losing to the Maltese last season was the worst

  10. Hes just having more cheap shots at the bhoys because he and all his other (brothers)/THE PEEEEEPLE know they wont get many more chances this season HH

  11. Going by last nights evidence on the park and there Quality all last season,Maybe lack of EBT and Any other dodgy shenanigans is to blame for the Sevco Not being able to Face up to the Mighty Green n White Juggernaut.Its not as if they can pick any players that Tickle there Fancy…..Facts are Facts and the Fact is Celtic are Doing 10 or More In A Row No matter what the Glib Liar Spouts…..One Thing i find a Pure Pleasure is Seeing That Rotten Mob Get Whats coming to Them.It Is Coming!!!!!!!!

  12. I thought two leg games meant 90 minutes was halfway through the tie?
    I guess I just got that wrong!
    Imagine corruptly obtaining a licence to play in a tournament you do not qualify for in order to get you some much needed money, then getting humped by a fourth place team from a country you could fit in a mini-bus, and suddenly the organization who cheated Hearts to get you in are scurrying for “what to do next”.
    It would be officially the most humiliating defeat of all time, never mind only in Scotland.
    The more they try to justify this the funnier it gets.
    I love social media!!!!!!
    So many people make public fools of themselves.

  13. Isnt it Blatantly Obvious Without EBT’s or any other Corrupt schemes That Embarrassment of a Club can muster,Just to attempt to stay ahead of Celtic is So Obvious to see.This is why this Club are Soooo Rotten.Without All the cheating and Self Righteous Standing they are Exactly what they are….A Mediocre At Most Small Club With a Secterian Bigotted Fan Base.And they Only came into Existance when Oldco Died Buried in Debt.But its Not there Fault???Glasgow Celtic Did 9 In A Row the Honest Way…How Every Other Club Tolerates this Cretinous Mob,Beggars Belief….STRIP THE TITLES!!!!!!then they can keep a dead clubs History…..

  14. Celtic were losing 1-0 at the halfway point of the tie then won it!!. Sevco on the other hand are a 5year old club and lost their first ever European tie neither are that big a deal

  15. Owen Dolan!!!Can just see the Arse Wipe cringeing answering that the Mighty Glasgow Celtic were the First Team from this Island tae lift the Holy of Holys….Jim White Ya Skelper….Witnessing There Pain Is Heaven Sent..HH

  16. I didnt know Oldco Rangers were brought out of Liquidation And they have there History Fully Intact.I find it Ever So Strange that i havent even read thru media Outlets about this Historical Event Taking place IE Oldco Out Of Liquidation.I read plenty material from eg Jim Traynor stating Liquidation =140 of Successes s Blood Sweat and Tears Endd Rangers when they went into Liquidation.Can someone Anyone Just One Person.Even a Sevconian Delusional Headcase show me or point me in the direction of any facts Proof etc that Rangers (iL) have been brought out of Liquidation and are Actually maintaining The Real Rangers are Back???????????????????EVEN ONE RANGERS SUPPORTER!!!JIM WHYTE CAN YOU SHOW ANY PROOF!!!!!!!!YEP THOUGHT NOT!!!!!

  17. Jim White,Since the Liquidation of Oldco Rangers back in (2011-2012)And ever since Sevco Newco 5088 were formed by Mr Green and the inclusion of Mr Whyte…There has been a deliberate and confusing Attempt of every Hun from every walk of life trying to state that Sevco are Oldco.When however the Reality is That Oldco are Still Liquidated and no matter how much the Support and any other Hun Media Outlets pump out lie after lie after lie.It wont Ever change the Fact that Oldco are Still Dead.Sevco Scotland 5088 Cannot Be a Club thats Dead.No matter how much You Huns say it.It wont Ever make it true.If and its a Massive IF!!!Oldco is brought out of Liquidation Then and Only Then can Any Hun Lay Claim to Oldco,s Tainted Warped History.The SFA and the Five Way Agreement….How anyone would try to lay claim to the Same Club Myth actually is Shameful Embarrassingly Humiliating and it Shines a True Light on Sevco For What They Truly Stand For.All Other Clubs Should Stand Firmly Together For Everything Honourable Decent and Fair that we are Demanding From Our Scandalous Football Association.And every single Proof of EBT and any other proof of Blatant Cheating by Oldco Must Be Title Stripping And Any other Successes Stripped from There Tainted History.Then let them keep Oldco History.They show the whole World just how low they are Still prepared to Go to keep this Utter Despicable History of There,s.STRIP THE LOT from there Museum….END OF!!!

  18. Oldco Rangers =Liquidation
    Sevco Rangers =Oldco Rangers same Club minus Liquidation
    How this conclusion was came too,I,d like to know how they ever came up with this without bringing Oldco out of Liquidation……
    Sevco 5088=Pumping Out Lie After Lie Since (2012)
    Sevcosus=The Oldco are Sevco…..Same Club Mantra.Claiming the dead Clubs History.When asked about all outstanding Debts,They State that was Oldco not Sevco Debt.But Same Club BS!!!!EMBARRASSING and Brassnecking There Claims Since (2012)


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