Neil Lennon has yet again caused a stir among the Celtic support by making claims about his second spell at the club in an attempt to absolve himself of the disastrous season.

We’re still picking up the pieces from the incredible capitulation. It wasn’t all Neil Lennon’s fault – let me be clear – but he played a major role in losing the ten.

You wouldn’t get that impression from Neil’s interview crusade since leaving his post in February.

His comments in The Sun today have reignited the anger felt last season. The Irishman claimed some of his players refused to play when they were fit, but not overtly. There’s a real frustration the former hoops boss will not take responsibility and has palmed it off to everyone else.

ACSOM host Paul John Dykes took to social media, posting our earlier article and his thoughts on the former Celtic manager – and there were not may far behind him:

The issue with Neil doing this every month or so is, he continues to divide support. There are Neil Lennon lifers who will not have any criticism thrown the Irishman’s way from fellow Celtic supporters. 

Neil’s playing career and ‘legend’ status at the club has many blinded. The fact he also has been a victim of some serious assaults and abuse from the other side of Glasgow means Celtic fans can be protective of him. There’s no need for personal abuse when it comes to dissecting Neil’s role in proceedings but simply acknowledging he fell well below the standards of a Celtic manager is an okay thing to say.

His last two jobs have ended on a sour note and Neil is looking for another management role – the longer he is out of the football bubble the more difficult it becomes to get a job.

One way of keeping yourself in the public eye is continuing this cavalcade of nonsense we’ve saw from him.


  1. Again lennon blames everyone else except
    himself Aman with no morals Neil lennon loves only Neil lennon
    Writing in the Shit Sun show how low he is

  2. Why are we still printing this rubbish just ignore him and let him live in his little fantasy world where he thinks nothing was his doing.

  3. Let’s be honest he should never have been made the manager again after Rodgers, we thought no one could challenge us and we had the players to continue onwards, and that mistake was down to one man Peter Lawell. Arrogance is the downfall of everyone sooner or later. Ask David Murray.

  4. Why be angry at one of the greatest and most successful players and managers in our history just because he told the truth? Could it be that you don’t like living outside of your fantasy worlds?
    Clowns like some of you drove him out of Celtic and deserve the joke of a manager we have today. A move which started with uneducated so-called fans being sucked in by biased media and social media to blaming Lennon, then culminating in the hiring of yet another John Barnes, Tony Mowbray, Ronny Deila!
    Ange is a clueless one dimensional manager who was a desperate hire because he ticked the boxes for a cheap minded club like ours. He was cheap and he is clearly a yes man. Coming into the only big club in Scotland and not bringing in a single support staff man, or woman for that matter, this one dimensional manager embarrasses not himself, but each and every one of you who bayed for Lennon’s head.
    You deserve this new so-called manager who until he was hired had never even been to Paradise!


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