CELTIC FC SLO John Paul Taylor has revealed that the club are planning to deliver on their 2021 promise.

Back at the beginning of the season, with uncertainty surrounding fans returning to stadiums in Scotland, Celtic used the idea of having an open training day to encourage fans to renew their season ticket and reward them for doing so.

There were many other promises, like free friendlies, Pass to Paradise streaming selected B team and Women’s matches. The club also gave supporters who renewed a £50 voucher to spend in the club’s store.

As it looked like the open training day was forgotten about, JP revealed that the club still planned to deliver on this promise, replying to a supporter asking about the pledge “Details announced shortly.”

If I was to guess when the club would open Celtic Park’s doors, fans could find themselves watching the bhoys train during pre-season.

We await official confirmation from the club of course, but scheduling it before the season starts seems like a responsible idea.


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