BBC Pundit Tam McManus has refused to hand Celtic the credit for dominating the game during large parts of their Europa League tie with Rosenborg.

The footballer turned pundit took to social media to brand Rosenborg ‘a disgrace’ for their performance. Strong words from a man with nothing invested in the Norwegian side.

When he’s earning a living to talk about Scottish football yet refuses at any point in the night to congratulate Celtic on such a dominant performance against the newly crowned Norwegian Champions.

Here are just three tweets from the pundit, disgrace and diabolical. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Tam, like many others, wrote Celtic off after matchday three when they only had one win from their first three games.

The bhoys have turned it around and put their destiny in their own hands but only because Rosenborg are a disgrace though.

Nothing to do with Celtic being the better side on merit.


  1. I hate how Scottish people talk down Scottish football teams, the BBC go well over the top look they all should be talking up Celtic and being part of what they are doing by giving them the credit dew what i would like them to understand is do they think Rosenborg would be in bottom six or top six in Scotland and how many teams in Scotland could go there and BOSS them on there own ground,they Rosenborg where not allowed to play there game Celtic seen to that Celtic were outstanding and Celtic where in a group full teams that make Champions League groups….We where BOSS lets go on a Run Celtic and make the BBC crew eat there words….

  2. “Gritty performance by Rangers tonight heart and guts in abundance against a good though has to be said on the night toothless Villarreal. All to play for in Vienna. Again got McGregor to thank for the point with two outstanding saves. “
    This was Mc Manus’s tweet about the other game last night…nuff said !


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