A banner depicting Peter Lawwell as part of a dictatorship regime has been put up outside Celtic Park this afternoon after the news THIRTEEN players and three coaching staff have to isolate.

The clubs trip to Dubai was an unmitigated PR disaster before today but it has now severely bled into our season and has put us in a situation where we’re without more than half a team and manager for a vital Hibernian game.

Never in our wildest nightmares could we have foreseen the complete and utter self-destruction Celtic have gone through this season.

What’s worse is the Celtic statement regarding the isolating players is tone-deaf, arrogant and lacks any sort of accountability.

Who does Peter Lawwell answer to really?

Is he going to have an uncomfortable zoom call with the Dermot Desmond? Absolutely not. He gets to continue in his role as he oversees this farce.

We have gone from quadruple treble champions to a laughing stock among the football community.

This is not about being self-entitled, this is about our club going out their way to make the wrong choices and double down on decisions due to arrogance this term.



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