NEIL WARNOCK has been outspoken many times but there seems to be a collective agreement that his latest comments should be subject to hearty derision.

The Cardiff City Boss spoke about wanting to sign Virgil van Dijk from Celtic back when he was Palace boss, but his scout was adamant he could not manage the step up from the Scottish game. To that Neil said, he hoped the scout was watching the latest developments.

However, the Cardiff gaffer then went on to say that his 32-year-old defender Sol Bamba was “Better” than Virgil van Dijk at defending.

Seems Liverpool have missed a trick and went for the wrong defender!



  1. LoLoL Neil Warnock talking oot his arse,Regarding Big Virgil.Just imagine for a second,If Celtic were in that Premier League down there.The utter nonsense these ignorant muppets would be the Butt End of Endless Banter from The Best Suppirters on the Planet.No matter what they state or what opinions Any of these people have,We lifted the Big Cup 1st.;))))Some absolutely brilliant players have Graced our Halo,d Pitch.And gone on to be Incredible Players down there,Dalgleish is just One…..Cmon Neil stay off the crack pipe Pal…HH

  2. Shows you how think everyone from England really is..Sol Bamba came from Hibs to go to leicester, if he was a better defender he would have himself ended up at a bigger club.

  3. Warnock is a roaster, but to be fair nothing wrong with a manager bigging up his own player. Ok a bit nonsensical this time, but in principle fair play I think.

  4. Sol bamba not worth a 75 green shield stamps never mind 75 milion quid, just shows how much warnock knows. He’s only a 2nd rate manager in a very poor league, he’s got the sack more times than a postman. Another muppet who thinks having a go at celtic will further his career. Wrong again. Hail Hail


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