JOHN HARTSON has told Celtic fans he WILL be ‘speaking’ to former Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers at some point in the future about his decision to leave the club and for making fools of us all.

The passionate Welshman was on TV two weeks ago telling English pundits there was no chance Rodgers would give up what he had at Celtic for middle of the road Leicester – three days later Rodgers was the Leicester boss.

Hartson has been a dedicated Celt ever since he came through the doors of Paradise and regularly champions the bhoys when going about his pundit duties.

Writing in his blog for the EveningTimes – the former Celtic striker claims he will have words with Rodgers the next time he is in town to cover Leicester.

Hartson tells how his relationship with Brendan started long before the Celtic manager took the Celtic job with John getting to know the new Leicester boss during his time with Swansea.

Speaking about the betrayal, John wouldn’t divulge what he would say to the double treble manager but we don’t think it’s going to be pleasant.

“He sucked me in. He sucked a lot of people in. He made a fool of me.

“Here I am telling every man and his dog that Brendan is loving his life in Glasgow, that he is loving Celtic and he wants to stay for ten. I know Brendan. I got to know him years ago at Swansea, so it’s not just a new relationship for me.

“But he had the wool over my eyes.

“So I am looking forward to bumping into him at Leicester.

“I won’t say publicly what I plan on saying to him but you can be sure that I will get my point across.

“And I totally get why the Celtic fans are so angry.”

Amaot sounds like he’s itching for a square go! The big man clearly loves the club.


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