We report on a lot of things during the year. We love a good transfer rumour but when we know it’s just a rumour and unfounded we always produce a caveat to make sure people know there’s been no proper evidence produced to date.

Some sites are a lot more carefree with their reporting of certain rumours, claiming to be in the know when it comes to who Celtic are trying to sign.

Again, we don’t completely dismiss and if we think there’s a possibility, we report on the transfer ‘rumour.

However, the latest offering from HITC just doesn’t add up and smacks of a reporter writing about Celtic without actually watching them.

The sports website claim Celtic are trying to find a way to make Diego Laxalt’s move from Milan to Celtic permanent. Come again? On inspection, they’re getting their link from Milan Live who almost certainly just believe Celtic would be happy to snap up any Milan player if they could.

The Uruguayan has fallen out of favour at Celtic, his contributions to the side have been minimal and the defender was part of the dismal September to November run.

While the defender showed early promise, it’s clear he’s not made the grade to this point.

Greg Taylors output is better than the Milan player’s and that’s why Greg finds himself back in the side.

Quite simply put, there’s more chance of Neil Lennon being at Celtic next season than Diego Laxalt.


  1. Does anyone with a modicum of intellect read HITC?

    I blocked that cretinous site from Newsnow years ago.

    Utter click bait muck.


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