NEIL LENNON has hit back at the embarrassing statement emanating from Ibrox during the week that complained about Hibernian cutting The Rangers allocation for their trip to Easter Road.

The Ibrox club were in true ‘banter years’ mode with the statement that ‘beggared belief’ and they even got the date of the game wrong which Neil Lennon also corrected.

“It was a bit crass really. They didn’t even get the day right, for a start,”

“But they do like a statement! We will do what we have to do and what’s best for our club. And our allocation at Ibrox isn’t exactly chock full either. We could do with more Hibs fans there but we only get 800-1000 in a stadium of 48,000. We get one or two per cent of the stadium.”

Asked about the second part of the statement where the Ibrox club suggested the cut could be a catalyst for safety concerns – Neil Lennon hit the nail on the head.

“I’m not aware of any violence around Easter Road in my two years here,”

“I don’t know what they are talking about. I just didn’t think it was worded correctly from a club of that standing – but it didn’t surprise me.”

Neil seems to have enraged the Ibrox support with his comments, however, that doesn’t take much now, does it?



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