STUART ARMSTRONG looks more likely to leave Celtic this summer than stay at the moment but is it best for his brand?

The Scottish midfielder has just come off the back of possibly the worst season of his career and his stock is down at the moment.

From that point of view, the former Dundee Utd man doesn’t have much leverage walking into Celtic negotiations which have reportedly ceased.

While Brendan Rodgers is keen to keep the Stuart, I believe the Irishman is quite prepared to let him go and has put a plan into place should they lose him.

The clubs reportedly interested in the Celtic star will undoubtedly make his bank balance bulge they hardly inspire in a footballing sense.

Relegation battling sides who can pay you a king’s ransom to try and stay in the Premier League while fans don’t bat an eyelid if you lose five games in a row does sound appealing from a pressure sense.

If you’re a footballer who wants to win things and be part of something special, then the place Stuart currently resides is the place to be.

With both parties reaching a stalemate it’s becoming increasingly likely that Stuart will be sold before he can sign a pre-contract in just six-months time.

It will be sad to see him go, Armstrong was such a pivotal part of the invincible season, and when he’s on his game, he can be unplayable.

It would be nice to see him stay at Celtic and rediscover his form but just like our manager we must be pragmatic and realise that not everyone sees Celtic as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


  1. Get him tae feck, it’ll be the same as last years fiasco of will he, wont he, so dump him and get someone in who will be committed to the team HH


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