SCOTLAND FANS had a great night at the national stadium. Steve Clarke’s men came from behind twice against Israel to beat them 3-2 on the night with a last gasp winner.

The fans were in fine voice and Hampden was rocking.

However, there was one major glitch on the night – vaccine passport checks.

The introduction of spot checks to ensure fans are double vaccinated caused pre-match misery for some of the turnstiles at Hampden.

Given Celtic Park are about to embark on the same checks and Celtic’s trip to Hampden in November on the cards – it doesn’t look good.

Ryan shared the image below on social media – pointing out the excruciating pace the lines were going in this particular section.

It looks like Celtic fans will have to be patient when they return to Paradise later this month. There can already be large queues before games but the introduction of these checks could mean many miss the beginning of games,

The message would be – get to the stadium early.


  1. Those already indoctrinated in all matters covid will not mind waiting i’m sure.

    Be sure to get those #BoosterShots though. . . . . .


  2. One, I won’t be taking the booster. Two, I’m actually sick of the “Restrictions” we have to live under right now, because truthfully there’s not enough people dying to justify keeping the practically pointless measures in place. Three, there is a difference between Covid cases and Covid deaths. People get influenza vaccines yearly yet still get the flu, so what’s the point? The point is it might not stop you getting sick, but it might stop you getting DEAD! Ditto the Covid vaccines. That’s the real fact. The virus kills, the vaccine helps prevent deaths, end of. Even those with a modicum of intellect can see that, and let me tell you there’s no sniggering at folk like you, there’s just guffaws at your outright stupidity. Covid-19 is a CORONAVIRUS, just like the flu, so naturally you’d expect cases to rise as we enter winter. This is especially true in a location known for lots of snow like Vermont, so high vaccination rate or not this would happen. Again I refer back to the difference between cases and deaths. Look at India, where vaccinations were not at as an advanced stage, and the amount of death there – coincidence? Of course not, because the virus mercilessly kills the unvaccinated. Yes it may kill the vaccinated too but these are mostly cases where underlying conditions have had an impact on the severity of the virus.
    We can all refer to obscure websites that back up our points. Does that make us right? Rarely, because the internet can be an echo chamber bouncing our own opinions right back to us. In this case your opinion is very very stupid, the website you’ve linked to is bouncing your stupid thoughts right back to you and you help no-one by spreading this conspiracy b.s.

    Snigger? What are you, five or something? Pathetic Trump Spunc Guzzling Fool.

    Take your trolling conspiracy pish over to FollowFollow or IbroxNoise. Like you they also have a modicum of intelligence, but just a modicum though, bugger-all else.


  3. Yeah don’t read other people’s views just spout your own bollocks. Ignore the part where I said people who had the vaccine died because it would mean you can’t spam this comments section with your conspiracy bullshit. What are you, 5 or something? Nah a five year old would have more emotional maturity.

    Tell me this Spuncface; are you a doctor? Or a virologist? Or are you just another plamf who’s read a couple of websites and thinks he’s an expert on everything? This is the problem with the internet, it makes stupid people think they’re smart when they are really nothing of the sort.

    Spunc Jester? I think you’re really just that Green Machine twat that was irritating the shit out of everyone as couple of years ago. You have about the same level of childish discourse as that erse did, and you’re right up there in the erse stakes too.


  4. Spunky hasnt left his bedroom for a year now.

    Thats ok as he still lives with his parents.

    At least he’s found David Icke’s website.

    We’re all lizards and live on a flat earth y’know.

    He suspects he has long covid and wishes he’d taken a vaccine.

    Too late Spunky. What a shame

    • I enjoy laughing at you morons.

      Even when given actual data from government run institutions you continue to deny than you all have been taken for the suckers you are.


      Make sure you take those #BoosterShots ladies.


      • #spuncisanintellectualdwarf

        • You’ve been schooled on here gasúr and made to look like the moron you so obviously are.


          Take those #BoosterShots ladies.

          • Schooled? By some cut-and-paste moron without an original thought in his head? With only one weak gaelic insult and a shit hashtag? Is that right, aye? Here’s some gaelic for you; póg mo thóin.

            Really I think you might need to get your gas supply checked son as there’s maybe a leak filling your basement abode with a toxic poison – perhaps that would explain your serious lack of intelligence and wit? Or maybe you are indeed just a hunterloping troll? That would explain absolutely everything!

            Bye TED or GreenMachine or whoever you really are. Enjoy whatever excuse for a life you have in that basement until your maw gets sick of the verminous stench and sends in Rentokil to get you…

          • You’ve been made to look like an idiot on here, you’ve been virtually slapped so many times in this thread that it must seem that you are virtually surrounded.

            All you have is insults and name calling.

            I have data and fact.

            Make sure you take those #BoosterShots doll.



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