According to the Daily Record, the SFA compliance officer will not recommend further punishment for the ‘assault’ on Scott Brown during Saturday’s match between Celtic and Ross County.

Andrew Davies was given a straight red for stamping on Scott Brown in a very deliberate fashion, with the ball already gone and Brown already on the deck, Davies took an opportunity to try and inflict damage on the Celtic captain.

The incident prompted an angry reaction from Stuart Armstrong who was close by when Davies stamped on Brown.

Davies, who has apologised to his own teammates for being sent off at Celtic Park is yet to apologise to Broony and will serve a standard two-match ban for the incident.

Brendan Rodgers branded the incident a disgrace and was keen to see what further punishment would be on the table for the County captain

If this decision is final, it sends the wrong message to the rest of Scottish football.



  1. That thug should be sine died for that assault on Broony! But he will only get a slap in the wrist! It was a shocking tackle, if you can call it that! Had that thug done it In street, he would have got six months!. He is as likely as nota frustrated sevco supporter , trying to slow Celtic players down, and help sevco get second place, but even that is just about out of sevco’s reach, as fourth now looks more likely! But being able to assault Celtic players is part and parcel of Scottish football, which the referees allow, and the governing body (knuckle crackers and orange order) are delighted to ignore!!!

  2. Could be worse, Broony, could’ve been brushed by the cun7s elbow. Terrilble step-overs like that one, deserve the sack. Fuc&en never believe anything reported in the Opal Rekord anyhow.

  3. HH All as it’s all been said time Celtic left Scottish football that will sort them Establishment that is out.Just Look back to the Jorge Cadette signing or not as the case was proved in court and win by Mr McCann but the Establishment still do nothing about all the cheating and breaking the Law as I have said Time our Great Club got out of this Bigoted country hh ktf


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