Chris Sutton did not pull any punches when he discussed Leigh Griffiths on BBC 5 Live on Thursday night with the former Celtic striker going as far as to say he was ‘disgusted’ by Leigh’s lack of fitness, given what’s at stake this season.

The BT pundit is never one to mince his words but he believes Scott Brown and other dressing room leaders would have spoken to Leigh about his lack of commitment during lockdown.

Leigh was left out of the France pre-season tour by the manager because he wasn’t up to scratch. To Leigh’s credit, he earned a small pre-season reprieve when he got a run-out against Hibernian on Monday.

Sutton thinks his former Celtic teammate Neil Lennon will not trust Leigh 100% and it’s certainly a reason why the club are aggressively chasing a striker during this transfer window.

Strong words, but Leigh has to continue to give a strong reaction.



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