Just when you think you’ve seen and read it all, another mindless needless comment from a vile online troll.

We understand that shining a light on this sort of behaviour gives these people self worth but this guy genuinely needs to get help if he’s watching football on a Sunday and feels compelled to post this – not only that but he gets support from fellow scum bags beneath the post.

I’m sure all right-minded fans will rally round and condemn this sort of behaviour.

Scott Brown has dealt with this sort of thing before and recently at the last Glasgow Derby at Parkhead we had a large majority of the away support revelling in the death of Lisbon Lions. Turns your stomach.

Block and report this fella and get his disgusting brand of tweets off social media.


  1. No surprise though is it. Twitter hard man. 35 living with his ageing mother, his only friend. A life consumed by hatred. He is suffering beyond belief every day because of who he is. It is good to know that the person he hates most is himself. Pitiable little no mark.

  2. Horrible people in the world allowed on the internet is a recipe for all sorts of evil.
    It’s about time that mandatory identification on all internet should be brought about. People like this should not be walking our streets

  3. Ridiculing our captain Scott Brown “s Deceased Sister May She Rest In Eternal Peace, Just when you thought it could not get any worse this is evil, vile, sick and disgusting piece of shit, [Karma] Has a way of appearing like to grab you and give you a good swift boot in the balls [scumbag]


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