Hibs fans and Celtic fans have joined together to condemn the Ibrox supporters who continue their poisonous behaviour by mocking Leigh Griffiths and his mental health problems.

Hibernian and Rangers fought it out to a 0-0 draw at Easter Road on Monday night, but the bile from the stands prompted some to comment.

Leigh Griffiths, Hibs fan and former Hibs player is a popular figure with the green half of Edinburgh, and they have been very supportive of their former player since taking a step back from the game last week to deal with personal problems.

However, after we heard the pitiful chants about Griffiths from some supporters of the Ibrox faithful when they were in Austria, they have followed it up this evening with more despicable behaviour it would appear.

This prompted these fans to take to social media and comment.

Celtic fans unveiled a banner for their striker on Thursday last week which read ‘It’s ok not to be ok’ – a sentiment that has been echoed and applauded through most of Scottish Football.

However, some cannot hide their poisonous nature, and while watching their side capitulate on the field, some thought it appropriate to chant about the troubled striker. It’s poor form.


  1. These peepul are a disease. They just cannot behave properly and the worst thing is that the authoritories and the Establishment in Scotland let them away with it, either because they are scared to tackle them, or because they are part of that culture themselves. It is dispiriting to live in a country where such hatred is tolerated.

    Plus ça change, plus ça même chose!


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