Ally McCoist has come to the defence of Neil Lennon and slammed the moron who filmed the former Celtic manager drunk in a bar.

A video that we’ve refused to share on any of our platforms has done the rounds over social media with the usual suspects having a laugh at Neil Lennon’s expense.

It’s not had the desired effect because anyone with a crumb of integrity has branded the actions of the person filming as disgusting.

McCoist waded into the incident with the Talksport host not missing with his words.

“I find stuff like this disgusting”, McCoist told TalkSport.

“We don’t know what state they’re in and how vulnerable they feel.”

“It shouldn’t be allowed. In my opinion it’s a complete and utter invasion of his privacy.

“And by the way I’ve been that way when you’re worse for wear with beer and alcohol.

“I’m not going to preach to anybody about it but I think the invasion of privacy is a complete disgrace.

“That is one of the worst inventions in the world; the camera phone. It gives people the license to take absolute liberties and it’s a scandal.”

People deserve a bit of privacy, especially someone who is away from the limelight.

We’ve all been a little worse for wear on occasions and to have someone film you without your knowledge while it’s happening is shocking behaviour.

You have to be a spectacular level of moron to believe it’s acceptable


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