CHRIS SUTTON is not happy with UEFA in his latest RecordSport column as the former Celtic striker rounds in on the organisation.

Sutton is outraged UEFA are trying to bully the smaller nations for their own end. Belgium became the first league to pull the shutters down and say enough is enough after UEFA kicked the can down the road on Tuesday for the second time.

The Belgian FA decided to call their league and crown Brugge champions so they can get on with preparing for next season.

It sparked an angry reaction from UEFA, who ended up on a conference call with the Belgian FA shortly after.

The European organisation then sent out a memo to leagues warning them they would be banned from European competition if they tried to do the same.

With some clubs very survival at stake, many leagues want to call the season and start handing out vital sums of cash which could help stave off that threat. However, UEFA isn’t concerned and want to protect their own competitions and interests.

Chris Sutton, rightfully, called them out.

UEFA are a reprehensible organisation.

Their attempts to bully and push around smaller nations for their own gain is as disgusting as it is utterly shameful.

Health over wealth is the mantra which a struggling world is living within at the moment.

If you are in power in the corridors of that organisation in Switzerland, however, it’s only the wealth part that seems to matter.

The fact they could cause serious harm and even cripple nations like Scotland with their playground bully actions only serves to heighten the sense of anger towards them.

Telling clubs such as Celtic and Rangers their European places are in jeopardy if they go against what UEFA wants, and by doing what may ultimately help people in their own country, is quite shocking, frankly.


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