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Journalist Ewan Murray has branded Celtic Tv and in particular Celtic legend Tom Boyd ‘crackers’ during a social media conversation with another attention seeker.

Murray claimed Tom Boyd was having a go at referees during a game Celtic won with an offside goal. Not specifically telling us what game he was talking about. If we were to guess, it was the Hearts game when The Kyogo call was so tight. Ewan very little to say about Celtic’s legitimate goal chopped off in the reverse fixture during the same season.

Murray felt compelled to indulge the chatter from another non-entity who clearly has an issue with the club and its fans.

Murray’s takes on Celtic are always incredibly biased. To accuse anyone else of a similar bias is pretty amusing to say the least.

We’ve listened to Tom’s commentary. He watched the game like a supporter and gives his honest assessment at the time. To brand him crackers and have a go at an official club channel, a channel they shouldn’t have access to being inside the UK, it smacks of attention seeking and highlights their need to disparage Celtic at every turn.


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