As Belgian Pro League side KRC Genk pursue Celtic striker Oh Hyeon-gyu with ongoing negotiations, it raises an intriguing question: could Celtic’s willingness to part with their second striker indicate confidence in a replacement? If the club are prepared to let Oh go, it suggests they might already have a replacement lined up, and is that replacement our Hampden hero?

Oh, who joined Celtic during Ange Postecoglou’s tenure, has shown promise but struggled with consistency. He’s often found himself either on the sidelines. Yet, his potential move to Genk is more than just a financial transaction—it could be a sign Celtic are pressing ahead with their own deal.

Oh Hyeon-gyu
3rd December 2023; McDiarmid Park, Perth, Scotland: Scottish Premiership Football, St Johnstone versus Celtic;

The proposed £4 million transfer for Oh, would allow Celtic to profit from his sale. This money could be the key to unlocking Idah’s move. Celtic have lots of cash to play with but they’re notoriously prudent, if they can offload Oh for a decent chunk of cash, it makes sense to reinvest that money.

Adam Idah had a stellar loan spell with Celtic in the latter half of the season. The Norwich City striker played a pivotal role in helping Celtic clinch the league title and famously scored a last-minute winner against Rangers in the Scottish Cup Final. His return to Norwich left a gap in the squad that Celtic are eager to fill.

Idah’s impact during his loan stint was outstanding, and his return to Parkhead would be a welcome boost. Celtic’s pursuit of Oh’s sale could be seen as a sign of their confidence in re-signing Idah. Given the club’s strong interest in bringing him back, the advanced stage of negotiations for Oh’s transfer might hint at positive developments on the Idah front.


  1. Oh will be a good striker with experience but we need experience now £4,000,000 is a fair price Rodgers will be happy if he gets it to spend now lawell there again supporters are getting fed up with Celtic not pushing on from winning we have to do more for Europe we won’t win champions league but we have to do more than what we have been doing for years saving for a rainy day yes we are in the spl not best to attract good players our refs don’t protect footballers some tackles are assaults more red cards and yellow if first minute tackles warrant it yes and time waisting has to be stamped out players walking length of pitch take freekicks corners shys their fit men and should be jogging at least

  2. Oh hasn’t been close to being good enough. He might improve with a load of games. He should have been sent out on loan last year or the year before.
    When he was one on one at Poundland, when he hit the post, I never expected him to score.

  3. Wouldn’t have said so myself?
    Became far clearer in the 2nd half of last season regarding players who were and who weren’t within the plans of Rodgers.
    OH certainly wasn’t, among with plenty of others, so would have expected them to see what the club was looking for them, so they could move on elsewhere?
    The agent sounds out potential buyers, willing to pay the sum, then down to personal terms to be sorted out?
    Can be simple and quick enough as the OH deal is looking like getting resolved?
    But in many cases, the players or agents can tend to play the waiting game also, to see if more or even better offers could come there way?
    Getting 4M for OH is very decent business, especially for a player that Rodgers didn’t see a place for within our squad next season.
    Idah possibly remains the favourite for a striker position within the squad next season.
    Would close that gap between kyogo as the certainty to start games, with OH, then mainly Idah doing the replacement role from the subs bench.
    Thinking Rodgers is looking to change that format that has been in existence for to long with ourselves, in most positions imo?
    Wouldn’t be to bad for ourselves to get away from the predictably that our team have been operating upon now for years, if everyone was available imo?
    To get a better level of rotation in using players in the squad, then the gap in quality between 1st and 2nd choice player’s in each position, had to be massively reduced, than what we had on offer, for many a season imo?
    OH never really got to a stage to seriously challenge kyogo for the starting position, which had to be improved upon?
    Would like to think that is something Rodgers is looking to improve upon within the squad, for next season, especially when we haven’t really had that in place throughout the whole squad in all positions?


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