BRENDAN RODGERS took the opportunity to talk about some of the baffling decisions that Celtic have come up against, with two recent examples coming to mind.

The Irishman was speaking after his sides 1-0 win against Hibs and anticipating the game against Hearts on Tuesday.

Speaking about the last time Celtic faced Hearts when the Edinburgh side comprehensively beat Celtic – the Celtic manager questioned the refereeing that helped build Hearts platform.

He also spoke of his amazement when Leigh Griffiths was called offside from a throw-in at Firhill.

“It was a game where absolutely nothing went right for us at all. We didn’t play well, we obviously conceded the first goal which the linesman wasn’t so good on, which gave them a head start

“The guy ran across the box. It is actually incredible. There have been a whole host of them: the decision the other night (when Griffiths was flagged offside at a throw-in) makes me wonder if the officials know the rules.

“Don Cowie has taken a corner from the other side, comes in, and Craig Gordon, not thinking he can ever get there, makes the pass and Don comes running through the box. The linesman is looking at it. Instead of ordering a retake, says play on, and there is no excuse, we give the ball away and they score.

“Anyway, we weren’t very good. Their pitch was awful. Everything that could have gone wrong for us did and give credit to Hearts, they exploited that and won the game. We have no excuse.”


  1. well said brendan every word true , and honest about our game that day with hearts , but i think you have learned that celtic get no favours from refs in scotland . any thing dubious will go agaiinst celtic and go the other way . but we know the lay of the land , so we move on and are prepared for this situation . god bless you and all thebhoys and all at paradise x

  2. Add to the list Kevin Clancy disallowing a goal that the linesman didnt flag for…and Madden inexplicably not booking the Hibs no 8 for catching the ball on its way out yesterday…he did pick up a yellow later which would have been a red….in 2018 it would be nice to hear why they do what they do.

    • I can tell you what bobby madmans reason for not booking the handball would be, but he’d be wrong.
      He’ll say it wasn’t to gain an advantage, and just misjudged how far from the line he was.
      But it should still have been a yellow card for deliberate handball. Can guarantee a Celtic player would have been booked for it.

  3. I thought referee’s (and linesmen) were there to enforce the rules of the game nothing more, nothing less.

    The vanishing spray they use for free kicks must have seemed like a great idea, pity there aren’t instructions on the can about taking ten paces instead of eight little mincing ‘Bobby Madden’ steps.

  4. This is what the Celtic expect from Referees and Linesmen… Dumb Deaf and as Blind as a animal in a poachers Lamp.
    They Know See or HEAR nothing as long as effects the Celtic. We are all used to their crooked way. It’s the only way they can get the better of Celtic. It must hurt them so much to having their butt’s kicked week in and week out.
    Me thinks it’s way past time to clean house

  5. These linesmen need to be put through a fitness test, the linesman on the north stand side couldn’t keep up with play and Hibs players were offside on three ocassions, bloody hopeless.

  6. Its the Brethren,Funny handshakes from Dodgy as the day they were Born,Masonicness.It stretches from the Crumble Dome Referees Linesmen Media etc.They put it out there in our faces.The Primrose Pledge.Yep its an eye opener.As crazy as it may sound.Its absolutely true.Why werent Rangers (iL)Severely punished for there Cheating through the Years????This Cnt of a Huntry is wreaking with the Stench of These Parasites….

  7. They All wear Blue Tinted Glasses.Sevco SFA SPFL Media And so on.They are All in pisitions of Authority etc.Aye the Unionists Masons Gay goat bangers.Why do you honestly think That Dead Club makes out its Alive.FFS Its the Only Way that Rancid Cretinous Club can succeed.Cheating Lying Blatantly getting away with Anything and Everything.They still havent even paid 1p back to HMRC.But hold on,Surely its just Us being Paranoid,Or they Shout we are Obsessed.There Obsession with Us Is and Always Will Be There DOWNFALL!!TAL HH

  8. Why now? Is it because people are beginning to question him? Plenty of opportunities to question referees before. Yet brendan always said he wouldn’t do it because of ‘the difficult job they have to do’. Ross County last season, Madden against Sevco. They should be questioned all the time. if Celtic were representing tteh clubs supporters they should have been campaigning for years for every one of them to be sacked and retrained for a full year while foreign refs were employed. No point in picking it out now and again to deflect criticism and get the supporters talking about something else rather than (lack of) transfer activity.

  9. Might be an idea if a f……ing tape measure was part of a referees kit. Such a simple idee.
    We could all see it wasn’t 10 yards by looking at the 6 yard line and comparing that with the 18 yard line and where the ball sat. Joseph above was right about the mincing steps. The linesmen and referee were also often behind playing are unfit, both mentally and physically.

  10. A measuring tape would weigh these slow huns down even more a stick made of thin plastic that when you swing an arm the thing stretches out ten yrds soooooo easy HH


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