Some Celtic fans and their city rivals have united to call for Sky Sports to go above and beyond to do their bit during the pandemic.

With the Glasgow Derby set to go ahead behind closed doors on Saturday, both fan bases can only watch from afar and if you’re in the west of Scotland you can only watch it in your house and have no visitors.

It presents a big problem for some adhering to the rules — especially with the bars closed.

There are plenty of people without a Sky Sports subscription who might be tempted to go around to their mates or become one of the supporters looking to head south to find a bar.

Some fans are calling for the sports broadcaster to make the game free to air on the day which would go a long way to keeping people in their houses.

Ultimately, Sky are not responsible for helping people behave and they should adhere even if the football is on but we all know there are people who will try to flaunt the rules, especially if they don’t have it on in their own home.


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