Celtic suffered an embarrassing result last night that will hopefully not live too long in the memory as long as we make it through to the next round.

The players, while still very much in pre-season mode let the manager down last night. I also question defensive coach John Kennedy’s part in all of this as mistakes were made by the manager that had been made 10 times before.

Ambrose starting, Griffiths out wide? Forrest brought on to save a game? Some of the decisions a man new to the job would make. If only he had someone by his side that’s seen this team perform or not perform for the last two or three years.

Either John’s thoughts and opinions are being ignored or he’s not forthcoming with suggestions on why the last manager ultimately had to go.

Rodgers is a smart man and wont be burned more than once by some of these players. He will also see for himself that Griffiths natural game is through the middle but again it seems like someone should have already told him this.


Under Kennedy’s watch Celtic’s defence has went through a torrid time, questions need to be asked why he was kept on after the last regime failed and why his influence looks minuscule.

This is not a knee-jerk reaction to last night’s game but something that has been bothering me since John didn’t go down with SS. Ronny Deila.

Of course, as I write this I feel a twinge of guilt as John’s career was cut short in such a traumatising way and we feel obligated to look after our own, there’s certainly truth to that. However, I’m sure John will be the first to tell you he doesn’t want to be there for any other reason than he’s deserving of his place.

I’m just not sure that he is.


  1. Wont live long in the memory! Yer kiddin, right? This will be wheeled out again and again, over and over, just like Caley Thistle Going Ballistic, in damn near every European game commentary hence forth. IT WAS an embarrassment. I wouldny pay Broony £25 a week, never mind £25k…

  2. Brown should not be anywhere near a Celtic shirt again and I would seriously ask questions of the goalkeeper,he should be bawling at defenders to get into position.There’s no leadership on the park.

  3. Grossly unfair, I said same last season Kennedy was defensive coach when defence created a record for least goals conceded 2 seasons ago with denayr and van dijk. He got blame for zonal system but when changed to man to man it still kept happening. Like rest of problems it’s the same players making same mistakes and same players lacking fight that appears to be problem again. Soon as Ambrose, brown, bitton, ciftci, Forrest, janko and rogic go the better. Get Allan, Armstrong in centre midand Roberts on wing and sign right back, centre half, winger and another striker.

    • Rogic was superb last year. If you couldn’t see that, then hand your scary in at the door.
      Janko was brilliant before he got injured. He got two MoMs in a row, then an injury that ruled him out for five or so months. To blame him shows a lack of understanding of the team from last year. Probably one of the STHs who couldn’t be bothered to attend games.
      It’s easy to coach brilliant players like van dijk. It hard to coach utter diddies like ambrose. Kennedy should have left with deila. Since he’s still here, he should be telling Rodgers to start with ten men instead of fielding ambrose.
      Kennedy got injured representing Scotland. Celtic looked after him long after they had responsibility for. He’d have retired by now. If he’s not a good coach, he shouldn’t be kept on out of guilt.

  4. I agree Armstrong needs to be given a run in centre midfield but we need to buy a leader,someone who players are afraid of because it looks to me like no one worries or cares if they play bad.

  5. Sorry I agree with most of what u say apart from janko player who caused a number of the problems last year was Lustig poor defending and marking at cross balls malmo molde aberdeen hearts rangers we lost goals to all these teams because of this HH

  6. Kennedy should have walked with RD and JC as he hasn’t a clue. Embarrassing seeing him still lounging back in the dugout.

  7. Asked the question last night”what’s John Kennedy’s role ??”.
    If he’s not getting listened to,then he shouldn’t be there !!
    He,more than anybody should have known about Ambrose .

  8. Does Brendan believe the squad he has is enough? only one signing Dembele and the rest are part of last seasons shambles, Biton, Brown, Ambrose, Forrest, Janko, and I would also include Christie in the players who have did themselves no favours with their performances, there is something odd when although I would not expect Brendan to have full knowledge of the squad he must have looked at videos of last season as well as speaking with Kennedy who it is obvious he does not have what it takes with the problems from last season defence performances, playing Griffiths out wide is a disaster the man is a scoring machine around the box, lets hope this has only been a blip and the manager has very different ideas to how a Celtic side should perform in the Celtic way.

  9. Forrest ahead of Roberts.im sorry you dont have to be Celtic manager for years to see that is one dumb call.Hopefully the manager seeing them play competitively will cut the wasters,as well as Forrest.Ambrose,Bitton and a cpl of others.

  10. We needed a centre half more than we needed dembele at this stage. Mulgrews contract should have been sorted out, or told it’s done, beat it. Not still talking at this stage. We should have brought someone in immediately, or sorted a short term loan out. If ambrose starts on Wednesday, my monies on the imps.
    If I were a youth defender watching ambrose get picked, I’d ask for a transfer.

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