Celtic fans are smiling again, the swagger is back, the football is back. A 3-0 win against lower opposition isn’t the main ingredient, but it’s part of it. Celtic fans are optimistic going into the second half of the season. Celtic fans are at their absolute best when they are optimistic.

Being honest, it’s been a while since anything Celtic related has forced me to laugh out loud. And then we came across this belter on our Twitter.

Celtic fans want the “banter years” to never ever end. The demise of the old Rangers club has ensured side-splitting seasons of laughter. The new Rangers club have thrown the kitchen sink at stopping the ten. If they fail to stop the eight they could go bust doing it. If the new version of Rangers was to go bust too, there will need to be a “banter years two” DVD brought out.

Brendan Rodgers calls social media, “anti-social media”, which suggests he’s not a big fan. But I’m sure he’ll appreciate the deluded version of himself on this occasion.


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