DOLLY MENGA has been charged by the SFA for violent conduct after a headbutt incident involving Ryan Christie during Sunday’s 0-0 draw at Almondvale.

Christie and Rodgers both slammed the player in recent days for his random attempt at violence which really wasn’t in tone with what was going on during the game to that point.

The referee brought them both over after it and spoke to Christie and Menga before getting on with the game.

Presumably the referee seen something to have a word but because he took no action the SFA compliance officer has charged the Livingston star.

Livingston and Menga have been offered a two match ban for the player’s actions and will now have to decide if they will accept or appeal the charge.

It was really unneeded and rather bizarre he did anything like it in the firstborn place and it looks like Menga will pay for it now.



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