With today being the deadline for season ticket holders to renew their ticket for next season, there has been a lot made in the past month about how this may go.

In today’s Fan Media press conference, which we at Celtsarehere were lucky enough to be invited to, McKay stated that season ticket sales for the next campaign have been ‘off the scale good’.

This might surprise some to hear that news, especially after a poor season last year, which also involved a lot of falling out between certain sectors of the support and the board.

However, I think Celtic, in a sense, are a little bit lucky when it comes to this.

Football supporters have been locked out of grouds for well over a year now, having to watch games on a stream from their homes.

So, many fans will likely have renewed with the latest positive updates of supporters finally making their long-awaited return to football matches, as we have seen at Hampden Park during the Euros in the past two weeks.

It has been an extremely tough year for everyone involved. Fingers crossed, we are edging closer to that return to Paradise.


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